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6 ways to celebrate Fall, without leaving your home

It’s already nearing October and the warm, sunny days are gradually being replaced by crisp, cool (and sometimes rainy) ones – Fall is officially here. And while some of our neighbors may long for those long warm days, we’ve found that most of you are excited for this new season, no matter how wet it may be. BecauseĀ Fall means it’s time to slow down – no more of over-scheduled summer frenzy, lots more fuzzy clothes and warm drinks, and more time to explore those books that have been stacking up and friends whose texts you’ve been slow to respond to.

We love Fall in Seattle.

So, we thought we’d compile a list of our favorite ways to embrace this new holiday the best way we know possible – through food:

  1. Load up on Fall produce: we know you love those berries and peaches and plums, but you can also binge eat apples and pears. You can eat them fresh, bake them into pies, juice them, or even cook them into sauces.
  2. Go ahead – get that spiced drink: we don’t have pumpkin frappuccinos, but we do have a lot of seasonal ciders, teas, and beverages.
  3. Wine and lots of it: Don’t get us wrong, we love beer but Fall is all about that warm, spicy, red goodness. We love to change our drink of choice with the season, so take some time to find your new signature drink.
  4. Find your favorite mug and whip out the tea: Coffee does well all year long but this time of year is when tea comes back to shine. Explore some new flavors for your desk and your home; invest in a good teapot or inspiring mug; and set aside a few minutes to savor the warmth.
  5. Load up on warm, filling meals: Salads and sandwiches are the summer meal standards but this time of year is made for heartier fare: gratins, lasagna, curries, and oozie cheese.
  6. Make soup!!: Some of us cannot wait for the return of soup season. This is the time of year where you can empty those stockpiled grains in your pantry, load up on some good olive oil, and make food in bulk. It’s a great go-to for having friends over and it warms you to the bone!