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We’re discounting your favorite products

EVERY DAY VALUE 2If you’ve been in the store this week, you’ve probably noticed the signage for Every Day Values – our new promotions campaign, which we developed this campaign around you.

It runs more frequently: As opposed to our monthly promotions – which actually ran every 6 weeks – this discount will flip every two weeks.

It’s focused on the items you buy most frequently: We are offering deeper discounts, focused on our best-selling items. We will even repeat discounts based on how popular the promotions are! So, the more our customers show their love for a discount, the more likely you are to see that discount again.

It hits items in every section of the store: We divided the store into 6 sections to make sure we hit the most popular items in every section.

This week and next you can load up on tortillas, Tillamook shredded cheese, and Theo chocolate bars. Stay tuned for more of your favorite items on the Every Day Values sale sheet.