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10 Snack Pairings for a Mariners/Sounders game

marinersWe are a split team at Stockbox: this time of year half of us love the Mariners and half of us love the Sounders. Regardless of where your loyalty lies, one thing is for certain: game day snacks are crucial. Here are our favorite pairings to help you plan for your next game….they’re all easy, small, flavorful, and loaded with enough nutrients to get you through the game:

  1. Apples and cheddar cheese
  2. Dried salami and a Theo bar
  3. Hangry Vegan wrap and a mango
  4. Trail mix and peach rings from the bulk bins
  5. Licorice and salted almonds
  6. Patty Pan black bean salad and a bag of veggie sticks
  7. Mighty O Donut and pretzels
  8. A single serve almond butter and apples
  9. Hummus of your choice and carrot sticks (or tortilla chips!)
  10. Mariners peanuts and some chocolate