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Admit it – your kitchen is dirty (don’t worry, we can help)

weekly promotions_7th genThe other day I was prepping pizza with my son and I looked up to see that our kitchen exhaust fan was not only covered in grease but was threatening to rain little grease droplets down on my head – they were hanging by a thread. If I’m being completely honest, it’s probably already rained grease droplets down on my head, but I haven’t ever noticed it. Because, who looks up when they’re cooking?

I am not going to be too hard on myself – I own a business, have a toddler, and have been dealing with much bigger fish in the home repair department (hello unexpected side sewer collapse). So, a dirty exhaust fan is not my biggest concern. But, I also know that it’s just the canary in the coal mine – our kitchen is officially dirty.

And that, my friends, is how Spring Cleaning came to be a thing. It’s the time of year when you go beyond your basic topical cleaning and dig deep into the bones of your home. You take on that exhaust fan; pull away appliances from the wall; crawl into the back of your cabinets; and load up on some good sturdy cleaning gloves. Spring Cleaning is what separates humans from animals and it’s the only way to assure that dirt is not falling down on you in the place where you prepare all your meals….literally

This month, Stockbox is celebrating the start of Spring with a monthly promotion focused around clean eating and clean living. We’re going to make it easier for you to tackle those spring cleaning projects and jump into some cleaner eating routines. And, we’re going to practice what we preach – starting with that kitchen fan!

This week, all Seventh Generation cleaning products are on sale. Not only do they design some fantastic cleaning products, but they also offer up a nice non-toxic alternative to the more mainstream chemical-assault type smells. They’re a great way to jumpstart your cleaning routine and fall in love with your home all over again.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out these handy tip sheets on tackling your kitchen and bathroom:

Spring cleaning tips for your kitchen

Spring cleaning tips for your bathroom & beauty routine

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