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3 Ways to Make it Easier to Shop Local


This February and March, Stockbox is celebrating our Seattle and Pacific Northwest suppliers and producers. Stop by every week for new discounts on local products; several times a week for vendor sampling events; and every day to celebrate all the delicious ways that local vendors support our customers.

We all know why it’s important to Shop Local: the food is better, the economic impact stays in your community, you get to build relationships with the producers, and it leads to a much more interesting and diverse consumer experience.

We also know that shopping local can be more challenging, so we created a quick list of tips to make it easier:

  1. Shop in season: Produce that is in-season simply tastes better and it’s usually more affordable. So I no longer buy tomatoes or berries out of season and limit my vegetable purchases to what’s growing. This means a lot of kale, but it also means that I am gradually building a better relationship with my produce.  And I have found a few ways to make it easier: I buy a lot of frozen fruit, allow myself to break the rules and buy avocados & bananas whenever I want (which is several times a week), and allow myself to get addicted to produce when it’s at peak production (I am famous for going through pretty intense cabbage periods).
  1. Step away from your computer: My New Year’s resolution for last year was to end my Amazon Prime membership, mostly because I felt that I had an unhealthy relationship with the service. I ordered everything from the site. But, when I broke free, I realized that I could almost everything from a nearby store and, shocker, didn’t always need all those items when I was forced to delay the purchase by shopping locally. I also learned that I could make well informed (and less stressed) decisions by myself, without a 1000 different customer comments pulling me a 1000 different directions.
  1. Get creative and be willing to substitute: Of course, the glory of buying on-line is that you can find anything you’ve every wanted. Shopping locally means you might have to find a creative work around or alter your plan slightly, to accommodate for a different product. But, just remember, that’s not a bad thing.

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