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5 steps to Clear your pantry, Clear your Mind

pantryDo you know how much food you have in your home, right now? It’s probably a lot. From the dried beans and pasta in your pantry, to the meat collecting frost in your freezer, to the pickles shoved all the way to the back of your fridge – you could probably survive for weeks on the food you already have at home.

Start the new year off right by clearing out your pantry and your fridge. It will help you save money, inspire some creative new meals, and create a fresh palette for moving forward. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Organize & assess what you have
  2. Pick 5 items a week and design your meal plans around them
  3. Don’t pick meals that require you to buy any additional non-fresh ingredients
  4. Target meals that can get rid of a few ingredients at once (soup, chili)
  5. Prep a pantry item in bulk so that you can use it in several meals. For example, soak and prep beans that be used in tacos, over rice, and then in soup!