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3 Food Resolutions worth keeping

It’s a new year and, with that, come a lot of new resolutions. Whether or not you have your intentions set for 2016, we thought we’d offer up some of our favorite food resolutions that are easy to keep and worthy of the effort – and, no, they have nothing to do with weight loss or eating healthier.

olykraut1Try Foods that Scare You

If you’ve been following the Stockbox blog for a while, you may remember my musings on sauerkraut. For decades, I considered sauerkraut to be the most vile form of food torture….a part of my childhood for which I could never forgive my parents. But, after eating Olykraut for the first time, I now have it on stock in my fridge full time. I add it to grilled peanut butter sandwiches or grilled cheese sandwiches, omelets, and soup. You don’t have to start with the food that is most terrifying but resolve to try one new food a month or at least one for the year – you might end up surprising yourself.

Establish a few more stand-by’s

No matter how empty our shelves are at home or no matter how little time we have to cook, we can always pull together a taco at our house. We grill up some tortillas and top them with black beans, scrambled eggs, and cheese. Yum!

So, whatever your form of the stand-by taco is, resolve to get a few more in your back pocket. The only rules are that it has to come together quickly and easily, with ingredients that you almost always have on hand. Oh, and, it can’t be cereal.

If you need help, consider these options: grown-up grilled cheese (really just grilled cheese with an extra ingredient like avocado, sauerkraut, or chutney); eggs any way over creamy polenta, or grab & go meals from Stockbox.


Master a family recipe

I have spent years honing the family recipes for chestnut filling and chocolate peanut butter cake. I think it’s time to finally figure out my mom’s cryptic and incomplete recipe for ham and bean soup! Join me in taking a family recipe into the next generation.