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Comparing Apples to Apples at Stockbox

Who says beauty is only skin deep? With so many apples to choose from this time of year, there’s a lot more to appreciate than meets the eye. Don’t miss out on your new favorite flavor at Stockbox. 



Fuji is an old favorite developed in Japan over 50 years ago. Its mild flavor is best in cooked dishes like crisps, soups, pies, pizzas, or sauces. Eating Fuji or any apple is a great way to get vitamin A, C, potassium and fiber.



Honeycrisp has created a craze among apple admirers since its release in 1991, quickly becoming the most prized apple for eating raw. With taste that’s part honey, part melon, and part citrus, what’s not to like? The sweet honey taste shines through even when cooked in pies or applesauce. Plus, Honeycrisp boasts extra-large cells that lock in more juice and burst loudly when bitten.



Sweetango is what you get when you combine sweetness and tanginess in expert balance. Minnesota growers developed the apple from Honeycrisp, which has extra-large cells that lock in more juice and burst loudly when bitten. This makes it a satisfying snack, perfect for munching on raw.


Granny Smith

Granny Smith Apples were discovered in Australia in the 1860’s as a chance seedling in the compost pile of Maria Anne Smith. They don’t bruise or brown readily, so this makes them great for snack plates or salads. Their tart flavor also makes them a good fit for savory dishes like stuffing, meat pastries or potato pancakes.


Pink Lady

Developed in Australia for its rosy pink glow inside and out, Pink Lady is a hybrid of Golden Delicious. It has crisp, tart flavor with a sweet finish, which pairs nicely with cinnamon and vanilla. It’s most widely eaten raw, but keeps shape in cooked dishes too. Because Pink Lady is slower to turn brown than most apples, it is also top choice for cheese boards, snack plates and sandwiches.

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