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FAQ: Is Stockbox a Health Food Store?

Because of our small format and our close attention to customer feedback, we’re often asked if we’re a health food store. We have a simple answer to that question.


FAQ: Is Stockbox a health food store?

A: We’re always excited about fresh, nutritious meal ingredients, but Stockbox is not a store that specializes in health foods. We’re a neighborhood grocery store.

Q: Okay then, what does it mean to be a neighborhood grocery store?

A: Basically, it means we’re here to be a good neighbor to you whether you live down the street, work next door, or just like passing through our community. Our goal is to lend a hand with whatever food quandary is on your plate. And yeah, we’ll admit that we’d also like to get to know you a little better.

  • When you’re trying to start some new good habits, we’ll happily be your sidekick, letting you know about specific ingredients and recommending the most nutritious options for you.
  • If you’re on a mission to craft the perfect brunch for a special somebody, but you’re completely¬†out of milk– don’t worry, we’ve got it! We’ve also got sugar, flour and baking soda. Thought you might like to know.
  • After you’ve exhausted all your overtime hours, you can depend on us for dinner. We’ve stocked mouthwatering pre-cooked meals just for you. You can even kick your feet up for a little while and use our microwave.
  • Despite all of your good habits, we know that sometimes you’ve gotta have a treat. When it’s movie night, study time, power hour, game day or a moment of victory, we’ve got your indulgent goodies here too.

We’re stoked to give you a running start with our convenience, but we’re more than a convenience store. As your neighbor, we want to make sure you have access to fresh vegetables, dairy and meats too. These are the things that will help you endure the long run. And no matter how many milk runs or overtime hours you may encounter along the way, we’re here for the long run too.


Got another food related question for Stockbox? Please send it our way! Email us at, or stop by and fill out a Good Neighbors card. We’ll be answering customer FAQ’s weekly right here.

Text, photos: Kate Bandzmer

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