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Fuel the Madness with 5 Delicious and Healthful Snacks

This month we’re all about fueling the madness and gearing up for March Madness, the official season of snacks and drinks. And while we’re running an amazing discount ($1 off full-size chips with the purchase of a six-pack of beer, water, or soda), the reality is, as we fill in our brackets, it’s not all from a bag. We’ve pulled a few ideas from our favorite local food bloggers to show off great snacks that don’t come straight from a bag—but are almost as easy to make.

Photo by Snacking in the Kitchen

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  1. I’ll never shop at your store and I don’t know anyone who will. You had Kashama Sawant and Mike McGinn speaking at a podium in front of your store and I will never forget that.

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