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Stockbox ReFresh and Customer Feedback

Our First Hill customers recently got their first taste of the Stockbox ReFresh process, while our South Park customers should prepare for their fourth! This is an exciting time at our stores, when we actively start pulling out-of-season/slow moving products and sections and replace them with customer requests. It’s the way that we keep our stores relevant, our inventory new and exciting, and our customers engaged! Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this process, by sharing a request, purchasing a new item, or talking with staff. And, for those of you who have no idea what we’re talking about….keep reading.
What does the ReFresh look like?
refresh1The ReFresh has two basic components: make room for new inventory and bring in new inventory! At First Hill, the biggest evidence of this change has been our clearance racks and clearance price tags. In fact, did you know that we’ve put 250 items on sale over the past 6 weeks?
But, no worries, we’ve also brought in 350 new items! And, there are still more changes coming.
How do we decide what changes to make?
We start at a pretty high level, by looking at inventory categories: where are customers spending the most money and where is there room to make our product mix inventory more effective and engaging?  We then drill down into the details: what are our customers telling us they want? For this, we go straight to the source: we track all of our customer requests and check-in with our staff to see what they’re hearing from customers. Unfortunately, we can’t respond to every single request, but we can look for trends: what products are being requested multiple times, where are staff feeling the most pressure, and what categories are most represented in requests? We also look to our suppliers: what is seasonally appropriate, what trends and new products are they seeing, and what are we missing?
What’s next?
The reality is that our inventory is always shifting and the ReFresh is simply a way for us to make big changes at all one time. It’s a great way to offer bargains and get customers engaged in a conversation on how our store can best serve the community. As you can imagine, this takes a while to work through….Jacqueline and Ryan have been managing First Hill’s ReFresh since November and they’ve taken it section by section. By the time we wrap up this set of changes and wrap up South Park’s latest ReFresh, it soon will be time to start all over again!
You can help us out by continuing to share with us. We track all the input we get from customers and we get a lot – but the more information we have, the better the inventory selection shapes up….so keep talking to us!

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