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Stockbox and the Seahawks

We don’t often think of football when we think of grocery, but our world is pretty dramatically impact by the Seahawks this time of year. We thought we’d share the good, the bad, and the interesting ways that the Seahawks’ season is affecting Stockbox and our customers. And, to get in the spirit, we thought we’d also share some of our favorite game-day treats.

The Bad
Every time the Seahawks play, we have to prepare the staff for a bit of a lull. Apparently our customers also love to watch football, so it can be a pretty slow time at both of our stores on game day.

The Good
But, the good news is that all you football fans tend to come pouring into the store once the game has ended, or even during the half-time rush.

The Interesting
The most interesting part of game-day is how much community spirit forms around both those down-times and the post-game rush:

1. During Sunday’s game, we had a customer call the store to give us a half-time update on the score!

2. If the Seahawks are doing well (and they are!) we get a lot of happy customers afterwards who want to talk about their favorite plays and moments….although we have to be wary of the customers who have taped the game to watch later in the day.

3. If the game is happening at night, we get a pre-game rush of customers in their jerseys, excitedly stocking up for an evening of fun. We once had an evening line of customers all buying supplies for the game and they were all buying avocados!

So, even though we have a lull on game days, it usually ends of being an interesting day at the Stockbox stores. We are excited to see the home team doing well and will continue to help our customers prepare for all the madness still to come!

Game Day Treats

tofuBuffalo-style Roasted Tofu

We posted this recipe last season but it’s too easy and too yummy not to re-post. And, feel free to use butter and regular ranch dressing, if you don’t want to go completely vegan. The most important part of this recipe is really the Frank’s Hot Sauce.

Vegetable Chili 500Black Bean and Quinoa Chili

This is another recipe that invites innovation. Don’t want vegetarian chili? Just add meat. Don’t like quinoa? Replace it with another grain. Don’t have all the ingredients? Just get creative with what is inside your pantry and crisper. You cannot mess it up, which is probably why chili is a Stockbox staff favorite.

Other quick options, which don’t even need a recipe:

  • Nachos (with avocados, of course!)
  • S’mores
  • Tater tots (or tater tot nachos)
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Pizza

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