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Community financing update: Growth is continual

In October, Stockbox launched a crowdfunding campaign through Community Sourced Capital, to support ongoing growth at our first two Seattle locations. We wrapped up the campaign before Thanksgiving and successfully raised more than $20,000 from customers, fans, friends, and family!

personal careThe goal of our campaign was to launch additional products and services at both stores, based on feedback from our customers. We started with a few suggested options, but ultimately decided to start this investment with a new product section at our First Hill Grocery. Since we opened this store, we have been working with staff and listening to customers, to better understand how our store can best respond to the needs of that neighborhood. And, since we opened, we have consistently and rather loudly received requests from customers to include a “personal care” section in our store. The requests were so insistent that our staff started demanding we move up our timeline to roll-out the section.

So, we are excited to announce that the funds raised through our crowdfunding campaign have enabled us to now respond to the # 1 requested product/service: a personal care section at our First Hill store. The section is located in the first aisle and at the register and boasts a selection of medical and personal care products such as razors, cold medicine, chap stick, tampons, and pain killers, among other staples.

We rolled out the section last week and have already been surprised by the response, which is a great testament to the importance of listening to customers and involving them in your decision making business. Stockbox has always tried to take this approach in designing our inventory selection, but it’s always a difficult balance between listening to customers and understanding how those requests will strengthen our store experience.

This process is also a great reminder that growth at Stockbox (or any business) is an ongoing process, which can be demonstrated through big steps (like opening a new store) or small steps (like launching a new product section). We will continue to adapt this new section as we understand more fully what’s working and what could work better – based on what our customers tell us! We will also continue to leverage the funds we raised through our crowdfunding campaign to respond to our customers at both stores. So, please keep letting us know what you think.

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