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Recovering from childhood “food traumas”

olykraut sampling signI can be known for being a bit dramatic. My business partner has, on more than one occasion, said “if we had a dollar for every time you’ve said ‘it was the most traumatizing moment of my life’, we’d be rich” and she’s partially right. To be honest, I don’t think I’m a very dramatic person, I just believe I get traumatized more than the average person. For example, I was forever traumatized (by scary movies and stuffed animals) after my brother took me to see Gremlins at a way-too-early age; I still drive with two feet because the cars I learned to drive on forever lodged in me a fear of motor vehicles stalling; and I’ve never been able to iron clothing without fearing I will ruin them (a result of the time my father “taught” me how to iron, hours before a high school dance).  I also did not manage to survive childhood without a few food traumas: to this day I can’t eat pears, tomato juice, hot dogs, or the dreaded sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut. You either love or you hate it – there is no in-between. But, even those who were previously in the “hate it” camp have converted to sauerkraut ambassadors with the new wave of fermented foods hitting the market. The product has found new popularity as a condiment on everything from sausage/brats to baked potatoes and even peanut butter sandwiches, with the foodies proclaiming its robust flavor and probiotic powers.

At least, that’s what they tell me.

But, I’m still having trouble moving beyond the images of a pile of pale pickled cabbage sitting on my plate as a child, ruining what would otherwise be a glorious triumph in buttered mashed potatoes.  I’m hoping this all changes next week, when we are joined in our First Hill store by Sash Sunday from Olykraut, a small/local producer of craft fermented foods. She will be sampling a few of her most popular items and she will be doing her best to convert me from a sauerkraut hater to a sauerkraut lover.

Please join me in either celebrating your love for fermented foods or working past your own food traumas (in this or other food categories!).

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