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Stockbox Challenge: How smart is your chicken?

I’ve had a bit of a gap between my Stockbox Challenge posts, but I’ve got a couple in the line-up!  For the most part, it’s been a successful few weeks since I last posted. The only items I haven’t been able to purchase were leeks and, now that it’s soup season, I think we’re going to need to look into those! And, in terms of “surprises”, I was detoured on a recent shopping trip by our new selection of Might O Donuts.

For this week’s challenge, I decided to build off of my success with the Caribbean style chicken & rice, by taking on another chicken dish.  If you have stopped by either our South Park or First Hill store, you’ve probably noticed that we sell Smart Chicken. Inevitably, the first question customers ask when they’re introduced to the product is “why is it Smart?”.  To be honest, I had to do a little legwork to come up with an answer: “Smart Chicken chickens are raised without animal byproducts, antibiotics, or hormones, are 100% all-natural, and are processed using purified cold air instead of adding non-potable water. In addition to the care and husbandry that goes  into raising and processing Smart Chicken, Tecumseh Farms Organic birds are exclusively fed a certified organic grain diet. Tecumseh Farms
is the only chicken producer in the country to offer a product line that is both certified organic and certified humane by Humane Farm Animal Care.”

parm chickThe website’s description seemed convincing, so I decided to take on chicken again. This time I was armed with a ton of recipes because the company’s rep had dropped off a pile of free magazines for customers (more are on their way!). I was immediately drawn into the cover image for parmesan pesto chicken with pecans and set to shopping. The good news is that I found almost everything at Stockbox. The bad news is that I couldn’t find pecans. I was lucky enough to have some extra bulk pecans at home but, if you were sticking to the Stockbox diet, you could replace it with another nut like walnuts or pine nuts.

The recipe was incredibly simple and took very little time prepare, making it a great option for a mid-week dinner. In addition, it’s a pretty flexible recipe, which makes it a great option for getting rid of random produce that is about to go bad: I sauteed an almost-gone red pepper and added it to the mix. Enjoy!

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  1. i love leeks and absolutely will try to add them to anything i’m cooking up, ha. can we please get them?! i’m a first hill resident 🙂

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