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csc headerTwo and a half years ago, when Stockbox was little more than an idea with some cool pictures and a pitch, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for our prototype store. During that campaign, we raised more than $20,000, which ensured that we could launch and maintain our little shipping-container store in Delridge for two months. It was an exciting time for us, not just because of the funds raised, but because of all the support the community and our friends/family/fans showed to us. The five week campaign was filled with notes of encouragement, generous cross-posting, and tremendous exposure. Even now, we can look back on that as one of those most pivotal moments in the brief history of our business.

A lot has happened since then: we’ve opened two stores, hired 13 staff, and expanded our work with local non-profits and food producers. We are still in a period of rapid growth and potential, so we once again find ourselves reaching out to our community for support. This time, we are excited to announce that we have launched a crowdfunding campaign with Community Sourced Capital. Not only are they tremendously cool people, but they offer a innovative platform that allows our customers and community to support our work with a loan, via the purchase of a Square. Each square costs $50 and you can purchase up to five of them. We then make repayments to Squareholders based on revenue from our stores. It’s a great way to create a lifecycle for your money and support a local business – all at the same time!

We are seeking to raise $25,000 to support the expansion of our impact in Seattle. Your Square purchase enables us to grow both stores, while building meaningful buy-in from our customers, supporters and new neighbors. Here’s a sampling of some services that we are considering adding, to demonstrate the potential impact that $25,000 can make at both the First Hill Grocery and, our first neighborhood grocery in South Park:

  • Develop pre-order and delivery system
  • Build a neighborhood information center in the stores
  • Partner with local chefs to host community kitchens and food events
  • Build out a bulk food station within the stores

We’ll work closely with our customers to determine which of these services will make the most sense and the most impact in their community.

We hope you’ll consider supporting our work through this campaign. We are excited to work with you to select which investments make sense at both stores and will share our successes as we make our repayments to you. Our community of support rallied over 2 years ago when we needed it most and we hope we can continue to build our relationships with all of you through this campaign as well. Click here to be a part of Stockbox’s next phase!

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