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The Stockbox Challenge – the launch

Now that Stockbox has a second location open, I am spending a lot more time in the stores. This means I get to spend more time with staff, on the floor, and shopping for my own grocery needs! To commemorate both the second store and my increased presence in both stores, I’ve decided to launch my own Stockbox Challenge! For the next few months, my husband and I have committed to buy all our groceries from Stockbox. If we can’t find what we need (or if we need to design a work-around) we’ll share it with you, in full disclosure. We’ll also share our successes and surprises.
The Back Story
You’re probably wondering why I don’t already do all of my grocery shopping at Stockbox. Well, I live in Crown Hill (North Seattle) and, for the past year, our only store was in South Park (South Seattle). On top of that, my position within Stockbox had me working outside of the office and outside of the store, until recently. And since I tend to go the grocery store 3 or 4 times a week, I was only able to shop at our store once a week, at best.
Week 1
shoppingThe First Hill store has been open a week, but I have managed to do some shopping at each store. To start, since my husband has been traveling and I have been working long shifts, I’ve basically been on the “Stockbox diet”, which means that I’ve worked my way through most of our grab and go options: cold salads from Molly’s, Cajun chicken bake from Real Foods, parfait cups from Charlie’s, and a few varieties of sandwiches. If you need a suggestion for a prepared meal, I’m your woman!
But, I’ve also been purchasing my “real” groceries at Stockbox, including:

  • garlic, peaches, and oranges
  • coffee and coffee filters
  • cold cereal and hot cereal
  • milk and half & half
  • bread and pasta
  • PAM spray

I’m happy to report that I’ve found everything I’ve needed at Stockbox over the past week, including #2 conical coffee filters. I didn’t have to get creative on any of our ingredients, although I did have to switch brands on a few items:

  • I usually buy Organic Valley milk and half & half, but had to switch to Smith Brothers at Stockbox. For the most part, I’m happy for the change because it’s fresher and cheaper. My only gripe is that Smith Bros half & half doesn’t have the handy plastic spout, which keeps the container cleaner.
  • I also bought Middlefork Roasters Coffee, rather than my usual Equal Exchange, which is a couple dollars cheaper.

All in all, the challenges were not significant and I even had a couple of surprises:

  • I found chocolate milk in a glass jar, which wasn’t a “need”, but rather a splurge. I was excited to try milk out of a glass bottle for the first time and it was totally worth it!
  • In general, I’m already surprised that I was able to find everything I need and it’s a lot faster to shop for items in a 2000 square foot space, compared to a large store!

More to come on my successes and challenges with the Stockbox Challenge!

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  1. Just want to thank you for opening a store in the neighborhood ( FIrst Hill) You may have a car and all those other options but a lot of us are on the bus or on foot so not so much.
    As to your problem with the milk why don’t you just try re-using your old container (with the spout) for the fresher cheaper local version? you can feel good twice!
    Don’t forget to try the fantastic meat you carry from eastern Washington. I had hear about it but its always been too expensive for me so I was VERY happily surprised at your prices. And the taste is terrific…

    • Hi Marian

      Thanks for your response! I have actually tried to re-use my creamer container (this problem has come up in the past) but they aren’t really made for that purpose. To be honest….it really isn’t that bad without the plastic spout – I’ve just kind of gotten used to it. As for your suggestion on meat – I took it! My next update on the challenge will chat about my experience cooking up some of the Willamette Valley pork…more to come.

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