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Stockbox Challenge: Caribbean style!

After last week’s post on my Stockbox Challenge, a customer at our South Park store challenged me to take on Caribbean cooking. Having never really made anything beyond basic beans and rice (which I love), I nervously accepted her offer, not knowing whether Stockbox was up to the challenge or even if I was. But after browsing through a bunch of recipes on-line, I decided to take on jerk chicken with a side of beans and rice.  This recipe was particularly exciting to mebecause the beans and rice recipe incorporated coconut milk, which seemed pretty yummy.
spicesSince this is the Stockbox Challenge, and not a cooking challenge, my first step was to see how Stockbox stood up against the lengthy ingredients list (more than 25 ingredients!). The new spice rack at the First Hill store was the real lifesaver, but I was able to find everything else on the list as well, including the coconut milk and red beans, which are on sale this month.
I prepped the chicken in the morning, so even with the lengthy ingredient list, the actual cooking went pretty quickly.  I have to admit that I’m not really into chicken but this dish was pretty tasty, even though it seemed unnecessary to add barbecue sauce on top of all of the spices. In addition, we decided to freeze the leftover marinade because there was so much of it – we’re hoping to make a similar dish in another week or two.
However, the real winner of this recipe was the rice. It took a minute to prep and only took 15 minutes to cook. In addition, the coconut milk made the rice rich and creamy AND made clean-up a breeze, since the rice didn’t stick to the bottom of the pan. I also made the rice recipe later on in the week using the leftover coconut milk and paired it with a garden salad and frozen sausages. In short, this rice may be my next go-to side – it was amazing!
A few quick notes to get you through the recipe:

  • If you want to make use of the full can of coconut milk, you will need to multiply the other ingredients by 1.75
  • Hold off on adding the barbecue sauce until after tasting
  • I decided to use freshly squeezed orange juice (from 2 oranges) rather than buy a container of juice.
  • I cut the chicken breasts in half because they were so big and so that I could easily convert this into a 4 meal recipe.
  • Don’t make the same mistake I did and print the recipe directly from the blog – the entry adds up to around 20 pages of pictures! Instead, copy and paste the recipe onto a Word document and print.
  • Did I mention that the rice was amazing?!

The rest of the week on the challenge went well although my husband did need to pick up some additional ingredients at Central Market: he was prepping a rabbit dish (sorry, Stockbox does not yet sell rabbit) for a party and I wanted to take on a traditional Chinese recipe that I found online, which requires a couple specialty sauces.
If you have any other challenges you want to throw my way – let me know!

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  1. Excellent rice recipe! I am going to make this dish next week! I had jerk chicken in Jamaica, loved it and have fixed it at home numerous times. Thank you for taking on the challenge and reminding me about the delicious way to cook rice with beans in coconut milk!

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