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Launching 2nd Store in First Hill this Summer

Friends of Stockbox,
We are excited to announce that Stockbox will be launching a second store this summer in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle. This store expands upon the work we are currently doing in South Park and offers an incredible opportunity to extend our mission to invest in community and good food across the city.
To our South Park neighbors: while opening a second store will require a tremendous amount of energy and investment, we also remain dedicated to continually improving the experience at our South Park store.
To our new First Hill neighbors: we are dedicated to building a store that represents the uniqueness of your community and, to do that, we need your help. Over the next few months, we will offer opportunities for you to contribute to the development of the inventory design. You can also contact with any questions and comments.
Stockbox First Hill Grocery will open later this summer in a 2000 square foot space near Harborview Medical Center. Stay tuned to our website for updates on the store development.
Thank you for your continued support and excitement, as we work to build a network of community groceries across Seattle.
The Stockbox Team!

Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery Launching 2nd Store in First Hill this Summer

Recognized by the White House and NY Times for Their Efforts in Addressing Food Access in Urban Areas
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Carrie Ferrence
Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery
Seattle, WA – May 28, 2013: Seattle entrepreneurs, Carrie Ferrence and Jacqueline Gjurgevich, are preparing to open the second Stockbox Neighborhood Grocery this summer, in the First Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Stockbox is working to build a network of community-based grocery stores to increase access to fresh, affordable and good food choices within urban areas. This second store will be located near Harborview Medical Center in a retail property at the corner of 9th and James and follows their prototype store in 2011 and first store in South Park in 2012. The launch also follows a successful raise of $550,000 at the beginning of 2013, which took their total funds raised to $850,000.
“We are excited to open our second store in the First Hill neighborhood because of the strong market potential and social need. The neighborhood is one of the most dense and walk-dependent communities in the city and hasn’t had a grocery store since M Street Grocery closed in 2011. The community has been actively asking for a local resource for good food and has been supportive of our outreach and engagement efforts. Our work continues to demonstrate the incredible interest from neighbors to bring good food back into the community” said Carrie Ferrence, CEO and co-founder of Stockbox.
This new store location is an extension of the work that Stockbox has already done to increase access to good food inside urban communities, which began with a prototype store in the Delridge community in Fall 2011 and the launch of the company’s first store in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood last summer. The First Hill store will have an expanded footprint and will boast a larger selection of fresh foods and meal solutions – at an accessible price.
“Most families buy the same five to ten items each week, so they only need to go to a big grocery store once or twice a month,” said Jacqueline Gjurgevich, co-founder of Stockbox. “Stockbox focuses on the fresh foods customers buy most often and tailors the inventory selection and store experience to represent the face and the need of each community.”
About Stockbox
Stockbox’s mission is to invest in communities, where good food and relationships can thrive. With plans to open a network of stores across the city, and eventually beyond, Stockbox stores are designed to offer a welcoming and delightful experience. Stockbox also partners with non-profits, like The Hope Heart Institute and Sea Mar, to provide educational materials and activities to promote the benefits of good food. Stockbox’s efforts to become the new neighborhood grocery have gained national and international attention, including coverage in the New York Times and Fast Company, and recognition by the White House. The Stockbox founders also have spoken at national conferences, on the topics of food access, community development, and creativity in small business financing.
Stockbox will post regular updates on the First Hill store’s development at In addition, they will be reaching out to neighbors to glean additional insight on how to design inventory selection at the First Hill store and working with strategic partners to launch integrated programs and raise additional funds through investment and donations.
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  1. I have to say I was very excited as I am new to the neighborhood. The prices on the fresh produce were comparative to most other stores, however, items such as cheese for example, $5.89 when I can get two packages of the same exact item at Safeway for seven dollars was a huge letdown. I totally want to support local businesses however a Markab of that degree is absolutely Unethical. I am vegetarian, but also very lazy and enjoy
    the convenience of prepackaged food. With that being said, Annie’s macaroni and
    cheese was almost 3 times the price of other stores. And again let me say I understand profit, but this is absolutely ridiculous. I am sad to say I will be doing very little business at this establishment.
    I believe that small businesses also have a duty to make things affordable for local patrons.

    • Hi Craig

      Thank you for your comment and I’m sorry for your frustration. We do actually keep our prices as low as we can and are price competitive with QFC in most food categories. The unfortunate reality is that we cannot compete with places like Safeway or Fred Meyer in all categories – we’re just too small. The other more fuzzy reality is that the pricing issue gets spread across the store: in comparing directly to options like Safeway/Fred Meyer/QFC, we actually come in lower in categories like beef and produce. We try to balance out the other pricing concerns with our monthly circular (which offers coupons and discounts) and by accepting manufacturer coupons. Price accessibility is very important to us and we do try to offer more price sensitive alternatives where we can (especially on staple items). We will continue to work with suppliers and in our product mix to respond to your concerns.


  2. Awesome! I can’t wait for the first hill store! I’m tired of having to pay $1 for every piece of fruit I have to buy at work during the day (when I forget to bring my own from home). And I definately want more veggie choices 🙂

  3. Stockbox looks amazing. I learned about it from Community Sourced Capital. What would it take to get a location in Pioneer Square? I’d totally organize for that. Seattle’s first neighborhood is really starting a renaissance, but we need good groceries!

    • Nathaniel
      Thanks for your suggestion. We will start looking for future locations this Fall and will definitely keep Pioneer Square on the list!

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